Eastern Lighting Design is a global industry leader of broadcast, special event, location lighting, and control system design.
Corporate theater, product showcases, sporting events, concerts, and parties all depend on lighting to enhance the excitement. Whether it be a subtle and understated environment for a corporate function or a spectacular light show for a concert we have the design experience to create something truly unique that perfectly suits the occasion.
We handle everything from console to fixture and all the magic that happens in between. As pioneers of LED technology we have been on the forefront of robust and user friendly infrastructure. We work with a buildings project MEP team to ensure that no details are left out and the construction phase goes as smoothly as possible. No project is too big or too small and we always strive to find the best retrofit and/or upgrade solutions for existing facilities.
As a full service lighting design firm we can provide all of the equipment needed for a project. Whether it be a rental package for a few days or a large scale equipment purchase for a permenant installation our close relationships with vendors and manufacturers allows us to source equipment at competitive prices all over the world.
Through our sister company Eastern Productions we can provide a lot of the additional components your project might need. Technical directors, riggers, camera operators, stage managers, show callers, PAs and more are all available for your needs, providing a one stop shop for nearly anything your event requires.